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Built with CI4
Very old site first, originally written using CodeIgniter 2.
Blogs updated to CI4, eventually :)
Still three stories to resurrect.
by: John_Betong
This site was created with CI4 and every PHP page has declare(strict_types=1); added because it is so much easier to develop.
Normally warnings will not stop pages rendering, the declaration produces an error which must be fixed before continuing.
by: John_Betong
Yours truly test site :)
by: John_Betong
Under construction
by: John_Betong
Quickly test ALL .htaccess modifications in 3 easy steps
This online utility is for anyone who has made changes to a .htaccess file and wants to test all possible URL variations...
...without having to
  • repeatedly clear the browser cache
  • individually test all four possible Protocol / Schemas.

Just Three Easy Steps:
  1. Select the required Protocol or Schema checkboxes.
  2. Type or copy & paste URLs into the Domain name text area.
  3. Select either Simple or Verbose buttons.

Please note: Protocol and Schema are interchangeable
by: John_Betong